Ordo Hereticus

Back to the Dark Hold

A second, more shooty, visit

Reporting Back

The Warband leaves the space station to return to the Imperium headquarters with D’Amitri in tow, but they decide to not go to the Governor, but instead to their own inquisitor. They tell him what happened, and the deal that they made. D’Amitri introduces himself, and he and the Inquisitor come to an accord: They will help him rescue the psyker in return for access to the smuggling ring, The Pale League. The only way Jacub Fullen would be able to escape the Port. D’Amitri tells them he will meet them back at the entrance to the base, once he has his equipment back. The inquisitor tells them the governor would never go for the deal anyway, and he will tell her they haven’t come back yet.

Back to the Tunnels

On returning to the space station tunnel network, meeting a better-armed D’Amitri on the way, the warband and Canto sneak their way along into the base, coming across 3 mutants lurking around where the prison is where D’Amitri was being held. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, Garvel rushes the group with the rest of the warband trying to intimidate the mutants into surrender. It fails, as they slowly advance to them to attack. The warband let off the first shots, D’Amitri firing his hand flamer, setting one mutant alight. Garvel and Canto let loose with high-powered shotgun blasts, and Ragaa unleashes a potent push of energy to send one mutant flying. After the quick ambush, they are left in the quiet darkness again. Davruse tries to get some lights on through an old cogitator panel, but fails.

Upon opening the door to the mutant base, Davruse uses his optical mechadendrite as a infra-red torch, revealing several mutants further ahead. He lies down with his sniper rifle to take a shot, but is seen by the excellent night vision of the mutants. The nearest one charges down the corridor, jumping on him and doing damage with its claws, its kin following behind. The warband open up fire again, trying to help Davruse, as he attempts to beat the mutants away with the butt of his rifle. D’Amitri lends his bolt pistol to the cacophony of shotgun shells and lightning blasts from Ragaa. After that fight, they proceed down the corridor, Davruse keeping rear guard whilst patching up his wounds.

Into the Darkness

As they reach the end of the corridor, doors open up and all sides, mutants running at them from in front, behind and the sides. Close-quarter fire fights start up once more. Ragaa unleashes his Chastising Flail for the first time, rending the flesh from a mutant and felling it instantly. Davruse, at the rear takes another attack from a mutant, before being beaten off by the others. As the fight at the front is done, D’Amitri rushes ahead, to find the psyker before she is executed, leaving the warband to finish off the mutant mawing at Davruse.

Following the sound of bolter rounds, they come upon the workshop near the bosses’ chamber. D’Amitri taking cover behind a flipped metal table and trying to fight off multiple mutants. At this point, their leader comes roaring into the room, a autogun firing wildly. “You surface-dwelling scum are all the same!” Garvel and Canto lob some frag grenades into the room, but the mutants have tough hides developed after years of living harsh lives in the abandoned tunnels. The leader charges them and fires off his gun full-auto.

Davruse Lightbringer

Hanging back, suffering grievous wounds Davruse attempts once more to activate a cogitator to the tunnels, hoping to help his warband. He finds one, and manages to reroute power to the lighting system for the first time in centuries. The painful lights blind the mutants and their giant leader, enough for the warband to finish them off with their guns. Finally quiet settles into the tunnels, as well welcomed light. Although it gives the acolytes vision of the carnage they have wrought.

Without a second’s hesitation, D’Amitri goes to the secondary prisoner cell to find the psyker. Ragaa informs the team that there is indeed a powerful psyker just beyond the room. They follow and witness D’Amitri placate and negotiate with a female psyker in a cell, who is ready to burn him to ash with her pyromancy. In exchange for returning her to The Pale League, she will put in a good word for their inclusion into the smuggling ring. The Acolytes get closer to their ultimate prey, Jacub Fullen, and the Trade Combine agent Roscoe D’Amitri gets closer to his mysterious goal. But do their goals align, or will these allies of convenience have to turn against each other…?


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