Ordo Hereticus

Arrival at Port Aquila

The Warband gets a mission!

On the Ship

The Warband learn after 4 days of transit through the Warp that they are still in pursuit of the cult leader who evaded them on Kalto, Jacub Fullen. They learn from Canto’s briefing that not only has the Imperium halted all outward traffic to contain the heretic, but their Inquisitor himself is there waiting for them. They also learn of strange psykic phenomena occurring on the station recently, starting since a quarantined plague ship was left within the collection of stations. Walls bled and asteroid miners would fling themselves into space with no explanation. This has led to a large rogue psyker population, and Port Aquila has an undercover human smuggling operation to profit from this. As well as the Imperium, the Trade Combine also rules as many stations and has equal if not greater power.

Port Aquila

The warband meet their inquisitor for the first time, and are quite shocked by his relaxed and informal nature. They proceed to meet the Governor, Governor Cantrella of Port Aquila aboard the Imperium ship Pride of Askellon. After she tells the acolytes in a not-so-subtle way that the last time their inquisitor was here, he lost a handful of acolytes to his own psyker gone mad, she hears their objective and offers a trade in services. She will help them track down Fullen, if they help her deal with her mutant population on the bigger, civilian space station, as they have been kidnapping officials and others for food. The Inquisitor agrees to lend his acolytes’ services to her, and then warning them that they need not kill the mutants, simply scout out their base and report back.

Into the Darkness of the Tunnels

Travelling to the space station, the acolytes do a bit of shopping, picking up some grenades and weapon attachments and new armour pieces. Then venturing to the abandoned tunnels to find the mutants with Canto. They find a locked door and Davruse hacks his way in. They find two pale skinned, fanged and clawed mutants standing guard outside a door. Garvel bursts in the room, shotgun up and intimidates them into submission. They agree to take them to their leader, as long as one of their party stays behind to help ‘guard’ the door in his stead. The warband leaves Canto. Ragaa, Davruse and Garvel follow the mutant through corridors and rooms at nearly pitch black darkness, mutants shying away from their torches, until they reach a main room, looking like a study. The biggest mutant they’ve seen yet stands before them, and asks them what they are doing there.

The warband say they are there to breach terms with the mutants, find out about any hostages. The leader, voice surprisingly gentle for his massive size, tells them they need food, but the surface dwellers keep it from them. He would see the hostages returned if the imperium would grant them food and space to live outside the tunnels. The acolytes say they will try to strike an agreement, and will return with an answer, leaving the leader to his big stack of dusty old tomes.

Not so simple

On returning to Canto, the acolytes spot the other mutant is missing, and the guarded door open. “Lads….there’s been a bit of a complication.” Out of the door comes a man dressed in fine clothing, and curtly thanks them for the rescue, stating he is an agent for the Trade Combine. His name is Roscoe D’Amitri, and he was tasked with rescuing a kidnapped psyker, using her as a token to infiltrate the smuggling ring. Davruse, upon seeing the body of the mutant, rigs the door they just came through to lock itself shut. D’Amitri asks the warband if they would help him, saying the Trade Combine would be in a much better place to assist them in their objectives. Garvel was inclined to agree, convincing the others the Trade Combine would help them most.

After convincing D’Amitri to return later with them, they leave the base the way they came, hearing their escort banging on the locked door, demanding to know what happened to his missing fellow guard…


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