Welcome to our Dark Heresy 2E campaign!

Player Characters:

Garvel Wroth – Ex Adeptus Arbites turned assassin turned acolyte. Although cynical and past his prime, nothing will stop him and his shotgun from serving justice. The voice of reason in the group, and the face.

Ragaa – A shaman from a death world, his psyker talents were soon made known to the Imperium. After being accepted to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, he became an acolyte of the Inquisition to protect his team from the dangers of the Warp, and protect them from peril.

Davruse Haarlock – A Tech-priest who served with the mighty Adeptus Astartes, he fought alongside them against a demon incursion. His actions in the face of such horrors and expertise on technology made him a useful member to Inquisitor Torkan’s retinue.

Story So Far…

Kalto – The party arrived on agri-world Kalto to investigate a team that had gone dark: 2 acolytes much like themselves, and the Inquisitor’s best psyker and personal friend, Elzebeth Geiss. After not too long they meet Interrogator Canto and Acolyte Narl, and discover a war is brewing between the mutant farming population, and the resident Adeptus Mechanicus. Being tasked to end the war before it starts and find the real perpetrators by Magos Barthelm, the party venture to the Tavern to discover the Cult of Stilled Tongues and their harvest of the mind-altering ‘Boneweed’ plant found on Kalto. After destroying this, they escort the Harvester to the Metothine Gate in a Land Raider, and fight off the Cult trying to hijack the harvester to infect it. The party fight their way aboard to confront Jacub Fallen, the leader of the Cult. After defeating his minions and pet mutant, he escapes. The party dump the infected grain and make sure most of the crop meets its destination. After tea and medals, they get aboard their ship to their next mission.

Ordo Hereticus

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