Ordo Hereticus

Negotiations With Madness
The Warband meets The Pale League

To the Plague Ship

The Warband and their new ally Roscoe D’Amitri are taken to the base of The Pale League, after releasing one of their psykers from the depths of the dark mutant base. Narcia Vas takes them on one of their shuttles out of the space station. Too late the acolytes realize the base they’re heading towards is none other then the derelict plague ship they were told about as they entered the system.

Docking with the huge trade vessel, they are led to an inner chamber, filled with unsanctioned psykers, runaways, miscreants and myriad other types from the underbelly of human society. They meet the leader, Mordicai Zarkov. D’Amitri recognises him as one of the Trade Combine leaders, as Zarkov recognises him back. He asks him why he shouldn’t let him die right now. After no help was received from the acolytes, D’Amitri begs for his life. Zarkov admits he could be useful, and lets him live for now.

Meeting the Man

The Warband introduce themselves to Zarkov, and learn he is indeed harbouring the man they have been chasing all this time: Jacob Fullen. Zarkov agrees they can have him, but if they help him out first on a job. In order for them to do that though, he needs to test their abilities. He sends Narcia Vas, the psyker they just rescued, to fight them, as well as a couple of guards.

A ‘Test’ of abilities

Narcia is taken out by some well placed shots by Davruse and Canto, sending a ripple throughout the warp as, in her death throws, she overloads with pyromancing psyker energy. As another guard is taken out by Garvel, and another is knocked down by Ragaa’s psychic assail, a monstrosity is awoken on the plague ship. Bursting through the wall comes a demon from the warp.

Making its way straight towards a guard, tearing it to pieces, more guards and the acolytes try stop themselves from being sick uncontrollably, and lay down some fire. As this is going on, D’Amitri makes his way to Zarkov and tries to take him out. The ‘Nurgloid’ is defeated, putrid flesh and pools of black blood and bile filled with maggots is left in the middle of the room, as everyone notices the close quarters duel happening with the two Trade Combine leaders.

A deadly duel

Igniting his flame gauntlets, Zarkov sets D’Amitri aflame. Fighting his urge to put out the fire, D’Amitri continues to try shoot Zarkov with his bolt pistol, managing to shoot him in the arm and scrape his head. But as the smuggler goes full beserker on his opponent, repeatedly punching him with a fire emitting gauntlet into the already burning face, he stands above him victorious. Exhausted, he sees the others have killed the demon, and declares “Well done boys…you passed your test.” Now on to whatever job they must do, to finally get their hands on the quarry….

Back to the Dark Hold
A second, more shooty, visit

Reporting Back

The Warband leaves the space station to return to the Imperium headquarters with D’Amitri in tow, but they decide to not go to the Governor, but instead to their own inquisitor. They tell him what happened, and the deal that they made. D’Amitri introduces himself, and he and the Inquisitor come to an accord: They will help him rescue the psyker in return for access to the smuggling ring, The Pale League. The only way Jacub Fullen would be able to escape the Port. D’Amitri tells them he will meet them back at the entrance to the base, once he has his equipment back. The inquisitor tells them the governor would never go for the deal anyway, and he will tell her they haven’t come back yet.

Back to the Tunnels

On returning to the space station tunnel network, meeting a better-armed D’Amitri on the way, the warband and Canto sneak their way along into the base, coming across 3 mutants lurking around where the prison is where D’Amitri was being held. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, Garvel rushes the group with the rest of the warband trying to intimidate the mutants into surrender. It fails, as they slowly advance to them to attack. The warband let off the first shots, D’Amitri firing his hand flamer, setting one mutant alight. Garvel and Canto let loose with high-powered shotgun blasts, and Ragaa unleashes a potent push of energy to send one mutant flying. After the quick ambush, they are left in the quiet darkness again. Davruse tries to get some lights on through an old cogitator panel, but fails.

Upon opening the door to the mutant base, Davruse uses his optical mechadendrite as a infra-red torch, revealing several mutants further ahead. He lies down with his sniper rifle to take a shot, but is seen by the excellent night vision of the mutants. The nearest one charges down the corridor, jumping on him and doing damage with its claws, its kin following behind. The warband open up fire again, trying to help Davruse, as he attempts to beat the mutants away with the butt of his rifle. D’Amitri lends his bolt pistol to the cacophony of shotgun shells and lightning blasts from Ragaa. After that fight, they proceed down the corridor, Davruse keeping rear guard whilst patching up his wounds.

Into the Darkness

As they reach the end of the corridor, doors open up and all sides, mutants running at them from in front, behind and the sides. Close-quarter fire fights start up once more. Ragaa unleashes his Chastising Flail for the first time, rending the flesh from a mutant and felling it instantly. Davruse, at the rear takes another attack from a mutant, before being beaten off by the others. As the fight at the front is done, D’Amitri rushes ahead, to find the psyker before she is executed, leaving the warband to finish off the mutant mawing at Davruse.

Following the sound of bolter rounds, they come upon the workshop near the bosses’ chamber. D’Amitri taking cover behind a flipped metal table and trying to fight off multiple mutants. At this point, their leader comes roaring into the room, a autogun firing wildly. “You surface-dwelling scum are all the same!” Garvel and Canto lob some frag grenades into the room, but the mutants have tough hides developed after years of living harsh lives in the abandoned tunnels. The leader charges them and fires off his gun full-auto.

Davruse Lightbringer

Hanging back, suffering grievous wounds Davruse attempts once more to activate a cogitator to the tunnels, hoping to help his warband. He finds one, and manages to reroute power to the lighting system for the first time in centuries. The painful lights blind the mutants and their giant leader, enough for the warband to finish them off with their guns. Finally quiet settles into the tunnels, as well welcomed light. Although it gives the acolytes vision of the carnage they have wrought.

Without a second’s hesitation, D’Amitri goes to the secondary prisoner cell to find the psyker. Ragaa informs the team that there is indeed a powerful psyker just beyond the room. They follow and witness D’Amitri placate and negotiate with a female psyker in a cell, who is ready to burn him to ash with her pyromancy. In exchange for returning her to The Pale League, she will put in a good word for their inclusion into the smuggling ring. The Acolytes get closer to their ultimate prey, Jacub Fullen, and the Trade Combine agent Roscoe D’Amitri gets closer to his mysterious goal. But do their goals align, or will these allies of convenience have to turn against each other…?

Arrival at Port Aquila
The Warband gets a mission!

On the Ship

The Warband learn after 4 days of transit through the Warp that they are still in pursuit of the cult leader who evaded them on Kalto, Jacub Fullen. They learn from Canto’s briefing that not only has the Imperium halted all outward traffic to contain the heretic, but their Inquisitor himself is there waiting for them. They also learn of strange psykic phenomena occurring on the station recently, starting since a quarantined plague ship was left within the collection of stations. Walls bled and asteroid miners would fling themselves into space with no explanation. This has led to a large rogue psyker population, and Port Aquila has an undercover human smuggling operation to profit from this. As well as the Imperium, the Trade Combine also rules as many stations and has equal if not greater power.

Port Aquila

The warband meet their inquisitor for the first time, and are quite shocked by his relaxed and informal nature. They proceed to meet the Governor, Governor Cantrella of Port Aquila aboard the Imperium ship Pride of Askellon. After she tells the acolytes in a not-so-subtle way that the last time their inquisitor was here, he lost a handful of acolytes to his own psyker gone mad, she hears their objective and offers a trade in services. She will help them track down Fullen, if they help her deal with her mutant population on the bigger, civilian space station, as they have been kidnapping officials and others for food. The Inquisitor agrees to lend his acolytes’ services to her, and then warning them that they need not kill the mutants, simply scout out their base and report back.

Into the Darkness of the Tunnels

Travelling to the space station, the acolytes do a bit of shopping, picking up some grenades and weapon attachments and new armour pieces. Then venturing to the abandoned tunnels to find the mutants with Canto. They find a locked door and Davruse hacks his way in. They find two pale skinned, fanged and clawed mutants standing guard outside a door. Garvel bursts in the room, shotgun up and intimidates them into submission. They agree to take them to their leader, as long as one of their party stays behind to help ‘guard’ the door in his stead. The warband leaves Canto. Ragaa, Davruse and Garvel follow the mutant through corridors and rooms at nearly pitch black darkness, mutants shying away from their torches, until they reach a main room, looking like a study. The biggest mutant they’ve seen yet stands before them, and asks them what they are doing there.

The warband say they are there to breach terms with the mutants, find out about any hostages. The leader, voice surprisingly gentle for his massive size, tells them they need food, but the surface dwellers keep it from them. He would see the hostages returned if the imperium would grant them food and space to live outside the tunnels. The acolytes say they will try to strike an agreement, and will return with an answer, leaving the leader to his big stack of dusty old tomes.

Not so simple

On returning to Canto, the acolytes spot the other mutant is missing, and the guarded door open. “Lads….there’s been a bit of a complication.” Out of the door comes a man dressed in fine clothing, and curtly thanks them for the rescue, stating he is an agent for the Trade Combine. His name is Roscoe D’Amitri, and he was tasked with rescuing a kidnapped psyker, using her as a token to infiltrate the smuggling ring. Davruse, upon seeing the body of the mutant, rigs the door they just came through to lock itself shut. D’Amitri asks the warband if they would help him, saying the Trade Combine would be in a much better place to assist them in their objectives. Garvel was inclined to agree, convincing the others the Trade Combine would help them most.

After convincing D’Amitri to return later with them, they leave the base the way they came, hearing their escort banging on the locked door, demanding to know what happened to his missing fellow guard…

Story so far
The Warband's first mission

Kalto – The party arrived on agri-world Kalto to investigate a team that had gone dark: 2 acolytes much like themselves, and the Inquisitor’s best psyker and personal friend, Elzebeth Geiss. They land in a swamp and shortly meetTech-priest Sython, who was sent to fix a guard servitor.

They investigate the safe house which they last were reported staying at, only to find both acolytes had become infected by something and had become almost walking dead. Garvel puts shotgun shells into the one that gets up, and the other one just in case.

After not too long they meet Interrogator Canto and Acolyte Narl, and discover a war is brewing between the mutant farming population, and the resident Adeptus Mechanicus. Garvel and Ragaa go with Narl to the mutant hovel, and discover Psyker Geiss is in fact their leader.

Meanwhile Canto and Davruse go to the town nearby, and check in at the tavern. They spot people without tongues being thrown out by ruffians, and after a brief interaction with some, they leave. Davruse decides to wait in the empty marketplace in the night for the men to come out. They do but with 2 more buddies. Canto and Davruse open fire and make short work of them, calling Sython for backup. Sython arrives at the scene and demands to know what happened. Davruse lies straight to his face and tells him the mutants did it. Sython believes him with such fervent anger, that he takes them to the Adeptus Mechanicus HQ to report their findings.

At the mutant camp, Ragaa and Garvel help them fend off attacks of more infected people, with Narl dying pathetically whilst trying to duel one of them. Geiss tells them this is because of the Boneweed plant in the fields, which spreads but the Admech do nothing about. They’ve been scavenging and stealing servitors in a bid to strike against their masters. She asks the Warband to stop the war before it starts by ending the Boneweed infestation. They make their way to the town and meet up with Davruse, and head to the AdMech HQ.

Being tasked to end the war before it starts and find the real perpetrators by Magos Barthelm, the party venture to the Tavern to discover the Cult of Stilled Tongues’ presence, which Barthelm warned them about. Their leader nowhere to be seen, the Warband charge into the upstairs office and kill a senior cultist, and interrogate a survivor. They find the hidden trap door leading to a warehouse filled with Boneweed ready for transport. They set the place on fire with some grenades and lock the trap door behind them. They also find blueprints to a AdMech Harvesting vehicle.

Reporting back to the Magos, he suspects the Harvester vehicle transporting the harvest to the starport is under threat. He tasks the Warband in escorting it safely. Inside a Land Raider with Canto and Sython, they fight off the Cult trying to hijack the harvester to infect it as the come on on bikes and in trucks. The party fight their way aboard the Harvester to confront Jacub Fallen, the leader of the Cult. After defeating his minions and pet mutant, he escapes. They discover that some of the grain is infected with boneweed, and Canto wants to self-destruct the harvestor. Sython knows the grain is vital to the nearby forge world, and won’t let them starve. Davruse uses his skill with technology to dump the infected grain and make sure most of the crop meets its destination, the infected grain being cleansed by flame.

After tea and medals at the AdMech HQ, they get aboard their ship to their next mission, Davruse sadly having to leave his new bike behind.


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