Ordo Hereticus

Story so far
The Warband's first mission

Kalto – The party arrived on agri-world Kalto to investigate a team that had gone dark: 2 acolytes much like themselves, and the Inquisitor’s best psyker and personal friend, Elzebeth Geiss. They land in a swamp and shortly meetTech-priest Sython, who was sent to fix a guard servitor.

They investigate the safe house which they last were reported staying at, only to find both acolytes had become infected by something and had become almost walking dead. Garvel puts shotgun shells into the one that gets up, and the other one just in case.

After not too long they meet Interrogator Canto and Acolyte Narl, and discover a war is brewing between the mutant farming population, and the resident Adeptus Mechanicus. Garvel and Ragaa go with Narl to the mutant hovel, and discover Psyker Geiss is in fact their leader.

Meanwhile Canto and Davruse go to the town nearby, and check in at the tavern. They spot people without tongues being thrown out by ruffians, and after a brief interaction with some, they leave. Davruse decides to wait in the empty marketplace in the night for the men to come out. They do but with 2 more buddies. Canto and Davruse open fire and make short work of them, calling Sython for backup. Sython arrives at the scene and demands to know what happened. Davruse lies straight to his face and tells him the mutants did it. Sython believes him with such fervent anger, that he takes them to the Adeptus Mechanicus HQ to report their findings.

At the mutant camp, Ragaa and Garvel help them fend off attacks of more infected people, with Narl dying pathetically whilst trying to duel one of them. Geiss tells them this is because of the Boneweed plant in the fields, which spreads but the Admech do nothing about. They’ve been scavenging and stealing servitors in a bid to strike against their masters. She asks the Warband to stop the war before it starts by ending the Boneweed infestation. They make their way to the town and meet up with Davruse, and head to the AdMech HQ.

Being tasked to end the war before it starts and find the real perpetrators by Magos Barthelm, the party venture to the Tavern to discover the Cult of Stilled Tongues’ presence, which Barthelm warned them about. Their leader nowhere to be seen, the Warband charge into the upstairs office and kill a senior cultist, and interrogate a survivor. They find the hidden trap door leading to a warehouse filled with Boneweed ready for transport. They set the place on fire with some grenades and lock the trap door behind them. They also find blueprints to a AdMech Harvesting vehicle.

Reporting back to the Magos, he suspects the Harvester vehicle transporting the harvest to the starport is under threat. He tasks the Warband in escorting it safely. Inside a Land Raider with Canto and Sython, they fight off the Cult trying to hijack the harvester to infect it as the come on on bikes and in trucks. The party fight their way aboard the Harvester to confront Jacub Fallen, the leader of the Cult. After defeating his minions and pet mutant, he escapes. They discover that some of the grain is infected with boneweed, and Canto wants to self-destruct the harvestor. Sython knows the grain is vital to the nearby forge world, and won’t let them starve. Davruse uses his skill with technology to dump the infected grain and make sure most of the crop meets its destination, the infected grain being cleansed by flame.

After tea and medals at the AdMech HQ, they get aboard their ship to their next mission, Davruse sadly having to leave his new bike behind.


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