Ordo Hereticus

Negotiations With Madness

The Warband meets The Pale League

To the Plague Ship

The Warband and their new ally Roscoe D’Amitri are taken to the base of The Pale League, after releasing one of their psykers from the depths of the dark mutant base. Narcia Vas takes them on one of their shuttles out of the space station. Too late the acolytes realize the base they’re heading towards is none other then the derelict plague ship they were told about as they entered the system.

Docking with the huge trade vessel, they are led to an inner chamber, filled with unsanctioned psykers, runaways, miscreants and myriad other types from the underbelly of human society. They meet the leader, Mordicai Zarkov. D’Amitri recognises him as one of the Trade Combine leaders, as Zarkov recognises him back. He asks him why he shouldn’t let him die right now. After no help was received from the acolytes, D’Amitri begs for his life. Zarkov admits he could be useful, and lets him live for now.

Meeting the Man

The Warband introduce themselves to Zarkov, and learn he is indeed harbouring the man they have been chasing all this time: Jacob Fullen. Zarkov agrees they can have him, but if they help him out first on a job. In order for them to do that though, he needs to test their abilities. He sends Narcia Vas, the psyker they just rescued, to fight them, as well as a couple of guards.

A ‘Test’ of abilities

Narcia is taken out by some well placed shots by Davruse and Canto, sending a ripple throughout the warp as, in her death throws, she overloads with pyromancing psyker energy. As another guard is taken out by Garvel, and another is knocked down by Ragaa’s psychic assail, a monstrosity is awoken on the plague ship. Bursting through the wall comes a demon from the warp.

Making its way straight towards a guard, tearing it to pieces, more guards and the acolytes try stop themselves from being sick uncontrollably, and lay down some fire. As this is going on, D’Amitri makes his way to Zarkov and tries to take him out. The ‘Nurgloid’ is defeated, putrid flesh and pools of black blood and bile filled with maggots is left in the middle of the room, as everyone notices the close quarters duel happening with the two Trade Combine leaders.

A deadly duel

Igniting his flame gauntlets, Zarkov sets D’Amitri aflame. Fighting his urge to put out the fire, D’Amitri continues to try shoot Zarkov with his bolt pistol, managing to shoot him in the arm and scrape his head. But as the smuggler goes full beserker on his opponent, repeatedly punching him with a fire emitting gauntlet into the already burning face, he stands above him victorious. Exhausted, he sees the others have killed the demon, and declares “Well done boys…you passed your test.” Now on to whatever job they must do, to finally get their hands on the quarry….


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